Technology for Entertainment

The life rhythms of people living in the technology age have never been slower. People need to find a way to relax themselves. Technology has provided us with creative and convenient ways to enjoy the life.

CC 3

Sun Experience Center

We Show You How To Achieve Borderless Interconnectivity
Users can experience all our products in the physical store. Also, the store provides services, tutorials and  helps. If users have any questions, they can stop by and ask for help.

R&D 6

SVR Devices

Make Virtuality More Real
We provide an immersive and interactive experience to users. The experience can be used in life, study and entertainment.
The virtual environment seen through our devices are as vivid as reality. We can see anything and anywhere we want as if we are physically in that place. There’s an interconnectivity between virtual and real world.

R&D 3

Interactive Game

Play With Anyone, Anywhere And On Any Devices
There’s no borders between devices and places for games. One player can play games on his phone with other players who are playing on their laptops, XBOX or PS4, and other players can access the same server. For example, you can play game with phone, at the same time your friends can play with you together on his TV. Interconnectivity creates borderless gaming platforms.
If your phone suddenly shut down for whatever reason, you can easily resume the job in another device without progress lost.