Technology for Education

Sun not only provides children the chance to learn and experience latest technologies but also offers the opportunity to all the companies and individuals to fulfill their passions in pushing the development of technology forward.

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Sun Exhibition Hall

Stay Up To Date With Our Innovations
We will demonstrate our latest smart devices on the technology show for user to experience, which will help us express the concept of interconnectivity to users. It is a perfect opportunity for users to explore and stay up to date with our latest technologies and solutions.
We explore, educate and engage our audiences to further utilize our innovations and solutions—what new techs can bring to businesses or enterprises.

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Sun Education Program

Train The Younger Generation With Technical Skills
Provide Science Classes to the students who are interested in science and technology. We will teach students with basic principles of our products. Students can follow the trend of Internet of Things.
The class will be open at after-school hours and weekends. We also offer other classes for students such as Kumon Maths and Reading. We aim to develop technology for everyone. Anyone can access our innovations.

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Sun Knowledge Sharing

Welcome All Friends Who Are Interested In Connectivity
We welcome all companies and research institute to attend our conference. We can learn, share and discuss new products and technology trends. Interconnectivity exists between different industries, and can be fostered with academic researches.Our regular new products release conference holds twice per year. At the conference, people can experience our new products and provide feedback to us.