Technology for Business

With the rapid advances in technology, new and effective opportunities are opening up for businesses to quicken their progress. Sun's technology brings innovations that have the potential to empower businesses and help them stand out from competition. What's more, we also seek for cooperation opportunities to promotes high efficiency and productivity.

R&D 4

Sun Screen Share

Connect Every Screen Together
Any screen can be connected with your device. Users can easily project their phones on the screen they want to use. Also, any screens can be connected with each other after users log into the system. Show what you want others to see on the screen. We aim to increase work efficiency and promote collaboration between enterprises.

R&D 5

Sun Easy Table

Order And Check Out Without Waiters
Placing orders, requesting services and checking our can all be done in your own device regardless of at which restaurant on grocery stores. Any hardware can be connected to serve or request service within one system.